Wednesday, 21 March 2012

On my Coffee Table: Colours

I managed to go to the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery last week for the first time since it opened up. They had an exhibition of Thomas Demand Model Studies which I found really interesting - I loved the textures, angles and movement created within the photographs. They have a mysterious quality emphasised by the lighting and abstract compositions. Thomas Demand was a new artist to me but I wasn't surprised to find out he was German - there's something about German Art I am drawn to.

I did also however spend just as long looking in the shop - they have such an exciting array of interesting things to buy. I came across this book called Colours by PatrickGeorge that uses transparencies in a really inspiring way. It looks at colour and what happens when you play with it. The transparencies have coloured areas which when placed over the two opposite backgrounds create a different colour and scenario. I suppose its really for children but I had to buy it!