Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Inspiration from Marin van Uhm

I was just getting lost in a world of google images and I came across this beautiful Alphabet by French Graphic Designer Marin van Uhm. I absolutely love the colour combinations and clever use of shapes to create the letters.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Acrylic Medium Transfers

I've been really enjoying these Monday morning try-it workshops at the Beetroot Tree. This week I went on one to experiment using Acrylic Medium Transfers - a technique you can use to transfer printed images from your inkjet printer or photocopier onto almost any surface. You can use any acrylic paint to do this but we used an acrylic gel which is clear so it enables you to layer up images.
Acrylic Transfer onto White Card
Acrylic Transfer onto Linen Fabric
There are two different processes - a transfer and a lift. A transfer will apply a reverse of the image directly onto surfaces such as paper, card and fabric. A lift will create a skin which can be applied to non-porous surfaces such as metal and plastic.
Acrylic Transfer Lift

The transfers will be particularly useful for me to get a printed image onto really thick paper or fabric that wont go through the printer directly. I also like the quality of the image once its transferred as it breaks down a bit and you get some really interesting effects by accident.